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Adam's Story

Adam is the Co-Founder and visionary of BrandFire. A member of the National Hispanic Business Group and celebrated branding expert with a regular feature as CBS’ Branding Insider for Entertainment Tonight, Adam lends his insight, tactical intelligence and abundant creative talents to his clients. He has been working with his partner Jesse Itzler since 2007, directing projects for ZICO, NetJets, Pretzel Crisps, Tom Brady and RUNDMC.

Part brand strategist, part creative director, and part new media designer, Adam has emerged as an industry thought leader over his 20 years of experience with brands ranging from family startups to Fortune 500 luxury brands. His first major success was the creation of the Pretzel Crisps brand. Working alongside the founders of the company, Adam developed the brand strategy, name, logo, and iconic packaging for the entire product line. The company eventually sold to Snyder’s of Hanover for over $300mm. Adam was also instrumental in the development of the ZICO coconut water brand having worked with its founder from the brand’s early stages through its acquisition by Coca-Cola.
During Adam’s time as Creative Director of the New Jersey Nets prior to BrandFire, he worked directly with the team president to create groundbreaking in-arena brand programming, which was soon copied by every team in the league.
Adam is frequently called on to comment on branding and popular culture on WPIX, FOX Nightly News, Bravo and CNBC. He is also a regular contributor to AdWeek, the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company.  Aside from his professional accomplishments, Adam is also a celebrated illustrator and content creator. Some of Adam's recent personal creative can be seen on his influential Instagram account @adam.the.creator.